Women in business 10 podcasts you need to start listening to

Podcasts For Online Female Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

Women in Business podcasts have become a gold mine of insights and inspiration, especially for budding female entrepreneurs. But with so many women leaders adding podcasts to their entrepreneurial journey, which ones genuinely stand out? I've curated a list of essential podcasts that every female entrepreneur should have on their playlist.

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A New Wave of Women-led Podcasts

Today's entrepreneurial landscape sees a surge in women not only establishing businesses but also sharing their wisdom through podcasting. This list of podcasts covers everything from personal stories, best tools, guest interviews, business strategies, and my personal favorite, success stories.

10 Podcasts You Should Be Tuning Into

For Digital Marketing and Online Service Providers

1. Unicorns Unite

With Emily Reagan

A magical blend of business and creativity, this podcast celebrates women who dare to be different in the entrepreneurial world.

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about the freelancer’s wonderland?

Imagine charging those premium rates, diving deep into your zone of genius, and collaborating with clients who seem like they’re straight out of a dream sequence.

Well, guess what? 

If you tune into Emily's podcast where she spills the beans on all things marketing, sprinkles a dash of mindset magic, and shares words of encouragement, best practices, and tales of fellow freelancers who are absolutely nailing the client game. 

Emily Reagan's Unicorns Unite Podcast Episodes: Strategic Content, 4 Types of Social Media Content you need, How to use YouTube as a Lead Generation

Not ready to listen just yet? Take her quiz and find out what your digital marketing side hustle is.

2. Serve Scale Soar 

Brandi Mowles

Serve Scale Soar Podcast with Brandi Mowles Toasting 200 Episodes

Have you heard the whispers circulating in the online world from industry experts?

Those whispers that claim you can't scale to 6 figures or even multi 6-figures by offering one-on-one services without a team?

Well, you should listen to Brandi Mowles debunk that myth each week on her show!

For those of you tired of podcasts that lure with glitzy promises, only to feel a touch of “Did that episode just catfish me?”, this podcast is a refreshing change.

Brandi passionately shares the business success strategies she used in her own business and also loves to showcase her student's success. 

What's On The Menu Every Week? 🎙:

Expect bite-sized masterclasses, engaging interviews with pros in the field, true case studies, and the much-anticipated MONTHLY INCOME REPORT

Why this transparency, you ask?

To provide listeners with genuine, no-frills information, empowering them to take decisive steps, amplify their earnings, and pave the way to that work-life balance we all want. 

Brandi is how I learned to be a Facebook and Instagram ads Manager!

And her course Conversions for Clients is amazing! If you want to learn how to become a Facebook Ads Expert, see if she's starting a new cohort again!

Serve Scale Soar 100 5 Star Reviews can't be wrong!

3. Introvertpreneur

Tara Reid

Tara Reid The Introvertpreneur Podcast Episodes The Four Marketing Methods that work best for Introverts

Enter: The Introvertpreneur Podcast. 🎙

Designed especially for those service providers who vibe more with the introverted side of life and wrestle with the chaos of online marketing, mindset quirks, and the art of client wrangling. 

The host Tara Reid isn't new to this rodeo – she’s been riding the online entrepreneur wave since 2007.

Her jam? Guiding introverts to stress-free avenues of building a business that doesn’t just survive but thrives.

Introvertpreneur Podcast Testimonial. This podcast is a godsend for anyone who feels like so much common business advice

What's in Store Every Week?

🌟: Peppered with actionable wisdom, listeners can expect the lowdown on effective marketing hacks like Pinterest and email marketing.

She's the marketing coach for online business owners covering all the relevant topics that we introverts can use to create a profitable business without sacrificing our mental health. 

4. Virtual Assistants Tips and Tricks

Susan Mershon

Introducing the Virtual Assistant Tips, Tricks + Advice Podcast.

The host of this podcast Susan Mershon was my first introduction to the dream of having an online business back in 2014. As a graduate of her VA School, I learned to build my first WordPress website!

😀Thanks, Susan.

She has an extensive resume in the corporate tech world and likes to refer to “your soul-sucking job” 

And this isn't your run-of-the-mill Virtual Assistant podcast.  ,

It offers listeners value-packed episodes available directly on the website, or if you prefer, all the other platforms.  

On Each episode she gets right to it, giving actionable advice, ensuring you get the guidance you need without spending a lot of time with added fillers. 

The Techie Mentor Susan Mershon Virtual Assistants Tips and Tricks Podcast Testimonials

5. Like a Boss 

Michelle Vroom

Michelle Vroom Podcast Episodes Like a Boss Beliefs you need to make 6 figures and Inside my coaching journey from 1K to 30K months

Ever met a superstar who's nailed the art of chasing three kids while also running a multi 6-figure empire?

Let me introduce you to this podcaster! 🎙Michelle Vroom. 

Michelle is a female business owner who teaches what she's learned in the trenches and is transparent in the process.

Being a parent and entrepreneur she's turned to podcasts as her trusty sidekick amidst the beautiful chaos.

And guess what? She totally gets that you're busy too, so her podcast is brief, brilliant, and respectful of your time- that's her promise!

So Dive in!

6. Systems Saved Me

Jordan Gill

Alright, fellow business enthusiasts, ever wondered how entrepreneurship translates into real freedom and flexibility? It's all about those systems!

Systems Saved Me® podcast, where every week, top-charting host and multi-million dollar business mentor, Jordan Gill, gives us a sneak peek under the hood of businesses flourishing in true freedom.

Jordan is one of the best female-owned businesses to follow because she keeps it real and shows us new ways to make more while working less.

And, it's not just about Jordan. She brings in guests, shares easy-to-grasp strategies, and even throws in some brain teasers, all aiming to guide you toward a business that values life first. 

#TeamNoSleep is so 2019.

Jordan Gill-Systems Saved Me

7.Biz Chix Podcast

Attention successful entrepreneurs!

Are you ready for a journey into mastering the CEO mindset? 

Time to listen to the ever-impressive Natalie Eckdah on one of my favorite business podcasts. 

Award-winning? Check. Coach, author, and business strategist? Triple check.

On her podcast, she’s lighting the way for women business owners, offering golden insights to elevate their mindset, leadership skills, and strategies.

But there's more: get ready for tangible business training, on-the-spot coaching calls, and chats with other successful women's business experts. 

And- she has a private complimentary podcast series. Natalie describes her private podcast saying-

“In this complimentary 11-episode series, I share what it takes to grow your service-based business to six figures in revenue — and ultimately take home six figures in profit.” 

Yes Please.

Artificial Intelligence, Manifestation, and Getting Shit Done

Every business can use a bit of these genres of podcasts.

8. The Women of AI 

Sharon Kinnier and Sadie Smiley

This has the makings to be one of the best podcasts. 

It's a brand new release and I'm here for it. These 2 ladies are trailblazing the field of AI and tailoring it for women!

Women of AI  Started as a Facebook group and has exploded to 11000 members in just less than 6 months! 

Sadie Smiley and Sharon Kinnier have a mission to totally rock the world of content creation with a sprinkle of AI magic.

These women are staking their claim in the AI frontier, ensuring it doesn't just evolve but evolves with heart, inclusivity, and a perspective that truly represents everyone.

Their mantra? Bring diverse voices to the table, ensuring AI resonates with every Tom, Dick, Harry, and especially every Tina, Dina, and Heather, no matter where they come from or who they are.

At the heart of it, they’re our cheerleaders, mentors, and motivators, always urging us to “do the thing” and they're so genuine and caring, you can feel the love. 

They're not just about AI either!

Both of these ladies are mentors of mine and if you'd like to dive deeper into their world you can find Sadie in Passive Income Pathways and Sharon in Tools For Coaching.

9. Chill and Prosper 

With Denise Duffield Thomas

Chill and Prosper Podcast with Denise Duffield Thomas- One of her favorite episodes: "The unsexy truth about running a 7-figure business"

If you're not already familiar with the beautiful Aussi-ness of Denise let me introduce you to the world of Denise Duffield Thomas the money mindset guru!

She's not just any mentor; she's the mentor, coach, and author every female entrepreneur secretly wishes they had on speed dial. 📞

Ever found yourself stuck in a negative money mindset? Or perhaps daydreaming about that First Class life, but not sure how to get the ticket?

Denise has first-hand experience with all of those pesky money blocks that have you stuck.  With courses and books that have served as the financial GPS for tens of thousands, she's your map to monetary freedom.

She has a weekly podcast where she gives actionable tips and practical advice, and it won't be long before you feel like you're best friends. 

Denise Duffield Thomas testimonials from HuffPost, Carrie Green, Maggie Berghoff, and Susie Moore

10. Bitch and Brainstorm

Elaine Turso

Your host Elaine “The Brain” Turso is a business coach, and serial entrepreneur, who thrives in an environment where she's helping 6 figure business owners get out of their own way and “get shit done” 

Got a snag in your business plan?

Listen to some real talk and problem-solving with the ever-resourceful Elaine “The Brain” Turso.

She’s not just chatting – she’s strategizing.

Along with her guests, they brainstorm, come up with solutions, and map out launch strategies that align with their core values and business.

And a little nudge from Elaine to all of us: Let’s sidestep those self-made hurdles and, well, get that shit done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these podcasts tailored only for women?

While they do cater predominantly to female entrepreneurs, the wisdom and strategies discussed are invaluable for all genders and backgrounds.

How often can I expect new episodes?

Most of these podcasts release episodes weekly, but always check their respective platforms to keep up with their schedules.

Are there any subscription costs involved? 

At this time, these podcasts are free to listen to. Some might have premium content or memberships, but you can access regular episodes at no cost.

That's all 10 Podcasts!

I'm a podcast junkie and this curated list of female business leaders has been a great way for me to learn in the car, while I'm walking Rosie, or folding piles of laundry.

Starting my own podcast has been on my (ever-growing) list of goals.

How about you?

Do you have your own list of favorite podcasts? Please share in the comments!

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