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10 AI Prompt Examples for Social Media Content

10 AI Prompts You Can Use to Boost Your Social Media Content

If you're anything like me, you've probably had those moments where you're staring blankly at your screen, trying to come up with the perfect social media post, or any post.

Ugh I get it, and you're not alone! The 2 most common complaints I hear from small business owners are

  • I have no time
  • I don't know what to post

The Magic of AI in Content Creation

Don't worry, I'm not going to teach you to plug something into AI and tell you that's it.

But, if you're open to it, artificial intelligence is here to give you a hand, and possibly give you new ideas.

Artificial intelligence tools, especially OpenAI’s ChatGPT, have quickly become the BFFs of business owners like us.

It's not just some fancy techy trend like what people thought when the internet came out, but rather a great way to shorten the content creation process and free up some time.

And who can't use more time?

Understanding the AI Magic

Let's address the big ol' AI in the room. 

AI Generated watercolor image of scary robots taking over the world
Robots Taking Over Humanity

Artificial intelligence isn’t about robots taking over the world; it’s about leveraging powerful tools to make our lives, especially our business lives, a tad bit easier. And when we combine AI with our own dash of individual human-ness, that’s where the real online magic happens.

Watch how I made this Robot Image on Canva

Feed ChatGPT the Best Prompts You Will Get the Best Results.  

Seems simple enough. 🧐

Crafting the Perfect Prompt

Hang on a second.

Before you go down the rabbit hole of  AI-generated content, let's touch on the engineering of good prompts. 

The most important thing to know is you need to give extremely clear instructions. 

I mean down to the last teeny tiny detail, with enough context. 

It’s kinda like when you're ordering a super customized drink at your favorite coffee house – the barista needs to know every last detail to whip it up correctly, other than your name on the cup.

I'm usually Sally or Tracy. 

Different prompts yield different results, which makes sense, right?

But here's a fun fact:

the same prompts will lead to different results too! 

Make sure you always have your target audience in mind while crafting your prompts, because the goal with social media is to engage with your people.

What Relevant Information To Include

My basic recipe for creating the best AI prompts

I start my new chat with some niceties
  • say hello
  • say please- I can't help myself
  • what I want him to do
  • in what tone of voice
  • specific descriptions of my audience

​A prompt example for my business would be something like this: 

“Good morning Chatty. I'd like you to give me 3 ideas for a Facebook Post about why it's important to be consistent on social media as a small business. Please use an informative, but friendly tone. My audience is female entrepreneurs who are struggling with their social media presence and need help. Don't use words like “girl boss” or say things like “hey girl” ” 

Stacy covitz

A prompt input into ChatGPT screenshot wanting 3 Facebook Post Ideas
ScreenShot of ChatGPT 4 with my prompt
ChatGPT output. It's a good Facebook post but not what I was looking for. My prompt engineering on this was confusing and that's why my result wasn't what I wanted.
ChatGPT Output which was good but not what I wanted

I wasn't crazy about the result. It's actually a pretty good Facebook post (minus the “lovely entrepreneurs” part) but not what I was looking for with my request.

The prompt engineer- me, wasn't crystal clear about what I wanted.

I wanted 3 DIFFERENT Facebook Posts each with the same theme being the importance of consistency on social media.

What I got was 1 Facebook Post with 3 reasons why you need to be consistent on social media.

How I Changed My Instructions

Me: “Thank you. That is 3 reasons why it's important to be consistent on social media. What I need from you chatty is to create 3 separate Facebook Posts including ideas for images, with the theme being the importance of consistency on social media.”

And- I love how he's always so nice and understanding. 🥰

Absolutely! Let's create three distinct Facebook post ideas emphasizing the importance of consistency on social media for your audience:


Here's The Revision In Gray

Post 1:

📸 Image Idea: A calendar with some days highlighted, symbolizing a posting schedule.

Mapping Your Journey 🗺️: Consistency on social media is like keeping a calendar. By setting and sticking to a posting schedule, you're letting your followers know when to join you on your journey. Think of it as setting regular coffee dates with your audience! ☕💼 #ConsistentConnection”

My Takeaway **I like this one. Notice how many times the word “journey” is said. I might go back and say “Don't say journey” Usually, it's easier to just take the general idea and not bother having the bot make changes, and do it myself.

Post 2:

📸 Image Idea: A side-by-side collage. One side shows a plant growing in stages; the other side shows scattered, sporadic growth.

Growth is a Process, Not a Sprint 🌱: Imagine watering a plant sporadically vs. regularly. Which thrives more? Similarly, consistent posting nourishes your brand’s growth, creating deep-rooted connections with your audience. Let’s grow together! 📈 #NurturingGrowth”

My Takeaway ** Not bad. I'm not sure “Growth is a process, not a sprint” is a saying. It might be, but I wouldn't say it and I wouldn't say sporadically, but I like the idea.

Post 3:

📸 Image Idea: A metronome ticking back and forth, symbolizing rhythm and regularity.

Find Your Rhythm 🎵: Just as a metronome keeps the beat in music, consistency sets the pace for your brand's story on social media. By being steady, you allow your brand's voice to be heard loud and clear amidst the noise. Let's dance to the rhythm of success together! 💃🏼 #SteadyBeatBranding”

My Takeaway **I would never say anything remotely like this. None of this would come out of my mouth, so it's a no for me.
Stacy Covitz nodding no

I hope these are more aligned with your needs!


Always the Pleaser

Ready To Use Prompts for Your Social Media Posts


I've put together 10 golden prompts you can feed into ChatGPT (or any other AI program you like) to get your social media content creation juices flowing.

In no particular order.

Please note: You don't have to say please and you don't have to name it.

1. “Good Morning Chatty, would you please draft an uplifting Instagram caption including an image idea, and relevant hashtags to kick-start the week? My audience is ADD YOUR AUDIENCE HERE and use ADD YOUR BRAND VOICE HERE

2. “Give me an idea for a 30-second TikTok Video including relevant hashtags and script about the latest trends in FILL IN YOUR NICHE HERE especially how FILL IN YOUR POINTS HERE  for online businesses.” 

​3. “Help me create a LinkedIn post that showers appreciation for my amazing clients with image ideas and hashtags.

​4. “Create a Facebook post reminiscing about the good old early days of online businesses including image ideas.”

5. “Please draft a 3-part Instagram Story celebrating the weekend that shows how I take time off without feeling guilty. This weekend I'm doing ADD YOUR PLANS HERE. Please include sticker ideas that will encourage them to reply back

6. “I need you to craft a carousel post that includes 10 images to showcase my expertise in FILL IN YOUR NICHE.

7. “I need a 15-second reel idea including a script to go with this trending song tailored for FILL IN YOUR NICHE that will attract FILL IN YOUR AUDIENCE”

​8. “I'm going to give you a blog post I wrote and I need you to craft 10 posts for my Facebook Group to share this week.” 

9 “I need you to give me 10 different  captions for an Instagram Reel showing the less glamorous, behind-the-scenes of my business”

​10. “I want to showcase a few of my clients in a story. After working with me Client #1 achieved this goal Client #2 achieved this goal. I don't want it to sound braggy about me, just them.”

Please note: ChatGPT only has data up to September 2021 so anything current won't be in the database.

What To Do With The Results?

So now what?

I can guess with almost 100% accuracy that nothing spat out of ChatGPT's “mouth” is copy and pastable, without your human voice and personality.

Pro Tip

And I can't emphasize this enough.
Even if you think the output is perfect, it's always a good idea to change it so it sounds like you-the-human and not chatty-the-robot. Read it out loud before sharing. 

For better results, I go back and forth with more detailed prompts until I'm satisfied enough to share.

Here's an actual “conversation” we had about this very blog you're reading. I was starting to feel it getting a little heated. haha 😁

My prompt:

“I'm going to give you a blog outline and I'd like you to write a blog post in my voice. The blog is called “10 AI Prompt Examples for social media content.”

What he gave me: 

TitleUnleashing the Quirky Power of Authenticity in Online Business

My response:

“Wow, that was bizarre! I have no idea where this blog title came from! My blog is called: 10 AI Prompt Examples for social media content


“Oh, oopsie-daisy! My bad! Let's get right on track with the topic at hand! Eeek! 😅 

Title10 AI Prompt Examples for Quirky Social Media Content

10 Quirky AI Prompts for Your Social Media

  1. The Awkward Intro
    Prompt: “Describe yourself using only items you'd find in a kitchen.”
  2. Motivational Yet Mismatched Mondays
    Prompt: “Combine an inspirational quote with your last dream. Yep, even if it was about flying potatoes.”
  3. Totally True Tuesdays
    Prompt: “Share a fact about your industry, but twist it with a fun fictional spin.”
  4. Wildcard Wednesdays
    Prompt: “Imagine if your service/product went on a blind date. How would it introduce itself?”
  5. Throwback but Not Really Thursdays
    Prompt: “Mash-up a childhood memory with a current trend.”
  6. Funky FAQ Fridays
    Prompt: “Answer a common question in your field… as if you were a pirate. Arrr!”
  7. Silly Success Stories
    Prompt: “Narrate a client's success like it's a fairy tale. Bonus if there’s a dragon.”
  8. Supernatural Saturdays
    Prompt: “How would a ghost use your product? Get spooky and silly!”
  9. Soothing Sundays
    Prompt: “Give a relaxation tip, but in the style of a 1980s aerobic instructor.”
  10. Mystery Box
    Prompt: “Combine the last meme you saw, the weather outside, and your offering. Get wild!”

He wrote an entire outline about Quirky social media content! Um- nope. 

Me: “Okay I'm still confused where this whole quirky spin came from. Let's start from the beginning. Using my voice that you can see at the beginning of this chat: please write a blog outline called “10 AI examples you can use to create social media content” 

This went on for a bit and I decided to stop arguing with a robot.

Side note about the Eeek! When I was giving all my details to ChatGPT to teach about my voice I mentioned that sometimes I say “Eeek” when I'm excited and he's adopted it for himself. Maybe to relate to me?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use these prompts with my AI tool? 

Simply input the prompt into your chosen AI tool (like ChatGPT). Give it a moment, and you'll get a customized response ready to post!

Are these prompts specific to a particular industry?

While crafted with the online business in mind, they can be tweaked for various niches. Adapt away!

Is ChatGpt a free tool?

Yes, it is! There are 2 versions and 3.5 is free and there is a more advanced version that is $20 monthly. 

Can I customize these prompts further?  

Absolutely! Your business, your voice. Feel free to add your own twist and make them even more you

​Just A Taste

There you have it, my friends! 

10 prompts for ChatGpt that at the very least will give you some good ideas when you're stuck trying to come up with content. 

The world of AI is not slowing down despite 1700 people signing a petition wanting to do just that.

​With so many different ways to use artificial intelligence in your social media, you can spend more time on more creative projects- digital art perhaps? 

There's a prompt for that. 😘

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