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18 Advantages of Facebook Ads Small Business Edition in 2023

One of the most common objections I hear as a Facebook ads strategist is “ads don't work because Facebook is dead” I try not to get worked up when I hear it, but ugh it does get me talking about all the reasons that's not true.

If you're a small business thinking about using online advertising to pump up your marketing efforts, grab a cup of coffee and let me share with you 18 advantages of Facebook advertising. 

Before you're able to jump in and start advertising on Facebook you will need an Ad Account which you can create with your Facebook Page. Hopefully, you already have your Facebook Page set up , but if not it's a simple process.

1) Massive User Base

advantages of facebook ads massive user base almost 3 billion active monthly users globally.

With almost 3 billion active monthly users globally, Facebook is a goldmine for reaching potential customers. Its enormous user base ensures that your ad has the potential to be seen by a wide array of individuals, exponentially increasing the chances of attracting your target audience.

2) Reach Customers At All Stages of Sales Journey

Facebook advertising is unique as far as reaching potential customers at every phase of the sales funnel.

Meta advertising campaigns allows businesses to curate messages that resonate with audiences no matter where they are in their buying journey.

From Awareness all the way through purchase and beyond with the ad objectives feature on the platform. By choosing the correct ad objective, Meta uses their magic (the algorithm) to show it to people who are most likely to act.

3) Enhanced Brand Awareness

Boosting your brand's presence is simple and budget friendly. Facebook ads serve as a platform for businesses to introduce themselves to new audiences and remain memorable among existing ones, fostering familiarity and trust over time.

4) A/B Testing

Not sure which ad design or copy will perform best? With Facebook's split testing (or A/B testing) capabilities, businesses can run multiple versions of an ad to see which resonates more with the audience. This tool is invaluable for refining ad strategies and maximizing engagement. Note: there are other ways to test different variables in your campaign that can work.

Meta Ads advantages for small business can do A/B testing native in ads manager
A/B Test option in Meta Ads Manager

5) Targeting Capabilities

Facebook’s advanced targeting options are the secret sauce of digital advertising. Whether you're focusing on age, location, interests, or behaviors, Facebook allows advertisers to hone in on their specific audience, ensuring your message reaches the right people

6) Diverse Ad Formats

Facebook provides a variety of ad formats to suit your content, from carousel ads showcasing multiple products to video ads capturing viewer attention. The flexibility ensures that businesses can choose the format that best communicates their message.

See the different styles of ads for Target below. From left: Carousel Ad, Video Ad, Static Image

Facebook Carousel Ad for Bissell Target
Facebook Ad with Video for Target
advantages of facebook ads diverse ad formats static image for Target featuring Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Enfamil
Static Image Facebook Ad for Target

7) Custom Audiences

Tailor your marketing even further with custom audiences. By using existing interactions from people who have visited your website or Facebook page, to importing your email list, businesses can create ads that speak directly to a group that's already shown interest, leading to higher engagement rates

8) Lookalike Audiences

Expanding your reach is streamlined with lookalike audiences. By analyzing the traits of your existing customers, Facebook identifies and targets new users with similar demographics and interests, bringing in a fresh audience that's likely to engage.

9) Exclude Certain Audiences

Facebook's advanced targeting isn’t just about who you can reach—it's also about who you choose not to. By excluding specific audiences, businesses can avoid spending on those who are unlikely to convert or have already made a purchase. This refined approach ensures a better ROI by focusing ad spend where it's most impactful.

Advantages of Facebook Ads target audience controls including excluding certain people

10) Nurture Existing Fans

Your existing followers are a warmed up group, existing of potential sales and word-of-mouth marketing. Facebook ads provide an avenue to continually engage these fans with new product announcements, updates, or exclusive offers, ensuring they remain connected and loyal to your brand.

11) Increased Website Traffic

Facebook ads can bring traffic to your website. By designing compelling ads with clear call-to-actions, businesses can drive users to their sites, increasing traffic and potentially boosting sales or sign-ups.

12) Suitable for Small Business With Smaller Budgets

Whether you’re a startup on a shoestring budget or an established business with more to spend, Facebook's advertising platform caters to all. Its flexible budgeting options mean that even with small investments, businesses can see tangible results.

13) Performance Insights

Understanding your ad's impact is crucial. Facebook’s detailed analytics provide insights on your ad’s reach, engagement, and conversion metrics. Ads are mostly about testing and these stats empower businesses to refine their strategies for more success in future campaigns.

14) Market to Both Business and Consumer

Facebook is not just a platform for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) interactions; it also has a robust B2B (Business-to-Business) environment. You could be trying to entice individual consumers with your latest products or hoping to catch the eye of other businesses for partnerships or collaborations. Facebook's expansive user base and diverse ad settings allow for tailored campaigns to reach both demographics effectively.

15) Retargeting

Ever noticed an ad for a product you recently browsed? That's retargeting in action. Facebook allows businesses to target users who've previously interacted with their brand, whether through website visits, app usage, or even past purchases.

I like to use retargeting campaigns using insights from video view ads. If people watch a certain amount of a video, they're interested enough in my offer. I can show different ads using retargeting which might inspire them to click and purchase.

16) Customize Buttons

All ads should have a call to action specific to your goal, included in the copywriting, Additionally, Meta has many different clickable action buttons making it extremely simple for potential customers to move along to the next step. Some of the choices are:

  • Send message
  • Apply now
  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Get promotions
  • Get quote
  • Inquire now
  • Learn more
  • Order now
  • Get updates
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
Ads Manager button choices
What Custom Button Looks like

17) Build Your Email List

One of the primary goals for many businesses is to grow their email subscribers. With Facebook's lead generation ads, users can sign up for your newsletters, promotions, or more without even leaving the platform. This simplifies the process for the user because Facebook will pre-populate their information. It's also a budget friendly option.

18) Integration with Instagram:

With Facebook and Instagram under the same umbrella, businesses can reach larger audiences with a few clicks. The Facebook Ads Manager enables simultaneous ad launches on both platforms, reaching a diverse and expansive audience in one go.

Watch quick screen recording demonstrating ad placement options

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a business page?

A Facebook profile is a profile created for individuals to share with friends and family. A business page is a specific type of Facebook page tailored for businesses to showcase their brand, products, and interact with their customers.

How do lookalike audiences work?

Lookalike audiences allow businesses to reach new people who are likely to be interested in their business because they're similar to their existing customers. This is based on factors like demographics and interests.

What types of ad formats does Facebook offer?

Facebook offers various ad formats including image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, and instant experiences among others.

Is advertising on Facebook expensive?

The cost of advertising on Facebook varies based on factors like targeting, ad format, and competition. However, with budget flexibility, even small businesses can benefit from Facebook ads.

How can I measure the success of my Facebook ads?

You can measure the performance of your ads using Facebook Ads Manager, which offers insights on metrics like reach, engagement, click-through rate, and conversions.

To Recap

Facebook isn’t just about reach—it's about results. With the platform’s detailed targeting and engagement tools, businesses often find acquiring new customers to be more cost-effective compared to other advertising avenues, including online ads using other platforms.

While traditional advertising methods can be effective, they often come with geographical and demographic challenges. Facebook advertising breaks these barriers, allowing businesses to reach global audiences and specific groups more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Try adding Facebook ads into your overall marketing campaign and watch your results soar!

Do you want to start advertising on Facebook but don't want to do it yourself? Take my quiz and see if your business is ready to work with a Meta strategist or an agency.

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